Ocean Resin Art Serving Boards

Ocean Resin Handmade Timber Serving Board

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Ocean Resin Handmade Timber Serving Board

Ocean resin art featured on our large beautiful natural timber serving board.

Elegant & mesmerizing with a beautiful blue/turquoise flowing over the edge of the board. White waves with amazing intricate resin cells draw your eyes to admire the incredible detail in the artwork.

A real conversation starter designed to bring family and friends together.

These boards are a gift that will keep on giving. You can expect a lifetime of use with the beautiful strong & durable hardwood timbers we use to create our handmade resin serving boards.

Each board is unique and one of a kind, the grains and golden hues in each piece of wood will be different alongside the resin art with no two boards ever appearing the same.

A unique shape, these boards are 42cm in length and 18cm wide.

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