Personalised Gifts

Beautiful personalised & handmade gifts to suit every occasion for all ages. Christmas time find gifts and presents to wow those you love, Valentines Day treat your partner to a thoughtful and caring present. Easter time and you don't want to overload the kids with sugar then we have a great assortment of gifts they will enjoy and love. Mother's day, Father's day, anniversary, wedding's, birthdays, end of year teacher's gifts, you will find a gift perfect for all of these and more.

Bella Jax Design keep the excitement of gift giving alive with products that can be personalised to add a name or special message to their products.

Taking art and usefulness to combine them into the ultimate product one can enjoy and use.

All products are handmade in our home lovingly designed and created.

Special requests and enquiries are always very welcome as we strive to give you and those you care about the absolute best so please reach out and contact us, we would love to help. 

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