Candle holders

No matter the style of room decor you keep in your home, candles, candle holders add to the beautiful ambiance and romantic feel to any space. We can create a cozy atmosphere in your home anytime and for any day of the week with our long lasting amazing smelling candles combined with the perfect place setting candle holder. Wonderful smelling diffusers are perfect for those that wish to have their scents tantalized that do not require a lit flame.

When it comes to displaying candle holders and diffusers there are so many options in any room of the house. In your dining room, try them running down the middle of the table to set the tone for a romantic dinner or a sophisticated and fun dinner party. On a mantle, they complement a warm glow coming from a fireplace below. In the bathroom, they add a zen vibe to a bubble bath getaway-from-it-all moment. On a side table, they’ll inject a soft romantic glow into your night. Any time or any place they will leave a scent that is warm and inviting to all that enter.

Let’s not forget about the holidays. Our selection of candles and candle holders will add some ho ho ho to your glow glow glow when you add them to your home or gift to loved one's. Valentine's is a special time just made for a beautiful candle flickering gently in the bedroom or at a romantic dinner, Mother's Day is perfect to say I love you with a personalized special message in mum's favorite scent and shaped candle holder. Don't forget Dad at Father's Day, men enjoy candles too and what better gift then one that sits perfectly in a holder addressed to him with a loving message within the shape of his favorite animal, a car or tool perhaps. The possibilities are almost endless and Bella Jax Design are here to help create the perfect unique gift for you and your loved ones.