Camphor Laurel wood

About Camphor Laurel
(Cinnamomum Camphora)
Camphor laurel timber is native to southeast Asia and widely planted throughout tropical and subtropical regions worldwide such as Queensland where Bella Jax Design resides. 
Now as much we love this beautiful golden timber for our magnificent boards, as a tree it is a pest and considered a weed in Australia. Camphor laurel invades pastures and disturbed riparian systems. It tends to germinate under fences and power lines (wherever birds rest and deposit the seed). As a result, it can push fences over and disrupt power facilities. It is a troublesome weed on dairy farms throughout south- east Queensland and northern New South Wales.

While camphor laurel is an attractive shade tree, but can also be very destructive—it aggressively replaces native vegetation and disrupts agricultural productivity over large areas of South-East Queensland.

Along the waterways of South-East Queensland, Camphor laurels are replacing the native blue gums and threatening koala populations.

A chopping board is one of the most important kitchen accessories. It is used when cooking and is a necessity in every Australian home. One thing to ensure when selecting the right chopping board is its consistency. It shouldn’t be so hard that it blunts knives but should also not be too soft – such that it gets cuts all over. One board that fulfils these conditions is a camphor laurel chopping board. Moreover, these large wooden chopping boards provide various benefits when compared to other timbers with relation to health as well as aesthetics.

Converting these trees into chopping boards promotes environmental sustainability and leads to several other benefits.

Why Choose Bella Jax Design's Wooden Chopping Boards?

We strongly believe in promoting ecological balance and environmental sustainability. Harvesting the camphor laurel timber to be used for chopping boards and serving platters we help fulfil this objective.

Our distinctive, unique and ornamental chopping and serving boards have several qualities.

Camphor laurel is an ECO Friendly timber, which means you’re doing a good thing for the environment when you purchase one of our boards. Camphor laurel is also naturally Anti-Bacterial for life because of the natural oils found within the properties of the wood. Studies suggest wooden cutting boards are the safest option in the kitchen. 

Each board is handmade from a single piece of solid timber without any joining, which creates strength, longevity and grain continuity. The natural pattern is uniquely revealed in every board, giving all our products their own personality.

Suggested Uses for our boards 

Cheese board 

Serving tray 


Chocolate platters 


Decorative decor 

Each board contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties  

Easy to care for just wash in warm soapy water and oil occasionally to sustain it's beautiful appearance for it's years of use

Our wooden boards make for a wonderful present that will be appreciated and remembered for your thoughtful unique choice. 

Unique - with no two boards the same you will own a special board unlike any other.